To meet the challenges of assembling, waterproofing or security itself, our technical teams are studying the specifications and propose solutions among our technologies below:

  • Low pressure molding: casting material technology, suitable for connection overmolding
  • High-pressure molding: technology adapted for overmolding passefiles, wrist or cable entry
  • Plastic injection: injection of connectors, mounting points or caps

Two-component resin coating: technology adapted for sealing IP67 and above constraints.

We have software design and rapid prototyping technologies (3D printing, stereo, ...).
We have significant panel of suppliers for the development of tools (or using client tools). Moule_connecteur_surmoulé
Cablisys examples of achievements:

Surmoulage_connecteur Produit_injection

Produit_aspect Prise_surmoulée
Our commercial teams remain available to discuss with you your specific needs:   


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