wiring harnesses

Cablisys is specialized in development, industrialization and production of multi-wire harnesses.

Our product range extends from basic wiring to complex bundles over 700 wires, such as:

  • Engine compartment wiring systems using high temperature wire, protection of the strands by anti-abrasion sheathing or wrapping, setting up sealed type molding solution, ...
  • Cabin compartment cabling system: identification of interconnections, integration of mounting clips, hearing protection, ...
  • Control wiring system: armored multi-core cable, twisted with different temperature ranges or flexibility.


All our harnesses are fully electrically tested on the test bench, guaranteeing dimensional and electrical compliance. 





Our harnesses are designed for automotive, agricultural and handling, but also for the areas like lifts, ventilation & refrigeration as well as telecommunications.









Our product range also includes cabling systems for military sectors and railways.


These products are developed on the customer plans basis, customer’s specifications, or simple functional diagrams.

In association with such initial requirements, our project managers provide technical expertise to advise in the selection of the most suitable technologies, integrating technical issues but also the notion of cost, from the beginning of the product development phase.

In the development framework product, our Engineering office is also offering a range of analyses and prototyping services.



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