Supply Chain


Because our service is not limited to the product itself, Cablisys offers complete logistics solutions, custom designed and determined according to the specific needs of each customer.

We provide a complete mastery of logistics loop supply phase components to delivery of finished products around the world under the terms of delivery defined by contract.

Thus, we have implemented the "just in time" principles throughout our supply chain to ensure the flexibility and responsiveness required.

Sourcing components:

Cablisys has set up an efficient purchasing organisation, favouring sources located close to our production sites. In addition, all production sites use the same ERP system, allowing the pooling of component stocks and responsiveness in case of fluctuating customer needs.

Packaging products:

Deliveries can be done in boxes or returnable packaging types GEFBOX®, CHEP® or other formats.


Delivery of finished products:

Cablisys is able to deliver all over the World with the delivery conditions as defined in the agreement (Exworks, FOB, DDU, DDP, ...).

Depending on the requirements, we can ensure deliveries daily weekly or monthly frequency through the introduction of logistical protocols.

With a logistics platform located 2 hours from Paris, we can set up security stocks under long-term commercial contracts.




Besides these logistics concepts, our Sales & Marketing administration department is in charge of managing the portfolio orders and answering questions.  


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