Quality is the key value of Cablisys group. Built-up in the centre of all our processes, it drives  our products and operations to our single objective: customer satisfaction.

Our priority is to provide a unique and fitting service to every customer.

Group management and site directors are:


 setting the axes and the resources needed to the implementation of our strategy

 promoting excellence of our employees, enabling autonomy and responsibility

 communicating seamlessly and permanently with our customers and suppliers

 developing a partnership from the initial contact to bring our expertise

 controlling activities at each stage, which is the component of success

 making the necessary decisions following a rigorous and impartial monitoring at each step

 constantly analyzing results through efficiency indicators and scheduling for continuous improvement plans

All these commitments are part of our Quality Policy Group here.

Processes, tools and working methods are standardized for all sites across the Group common Quality Management System, and annually certified by external agency.

Below Certifications for each site:

  ISO_9001_2008 ISO_9001_2008 UL_certification
certificate certificate _

In this search for continuous improvement, we are performing internal and external audits with independent certification organizations, to ensure our growth and the lack of deviations.

We also use problem solving tools (8D, 5 whys, causes trees, QRQC...) to locate the root causes and implement effective actions to eradicate them.

As we act upstream realizing our AMDEC process to establish our monitoring plans and our documentation by post.